Vasculitis Foundation
The Vasculitis Foundation was originally started by a nurse and sufferer of Wegeners in America. It is the largest resource and group available.

Vasculitis Foundation Canada
This is a Canadian website, similar to the American one however it has a great section titled 'what now'. With really good tips on beginning your healing journey.

This is a useful website where you can purchase and register for a world recognised medical alert bracelet. It can be an excellent gift to a sufferer of vasculitis or a simple reassurance you can give yourself.

Vasculitis UK
This is the UK based website, as of April 2012 it was noted to be a bit tired looking. The info is still good, but they are updating it so hopefully it will have a new look soon.

'Vacsulitis' (video)
For those of us who follow things visually you tube actually has some great visual references to vasculitis, and with most of the clips being only four minutes maximum makes it a great way to explain what vasculitis is to family and friends.
You tube also offers links to clips relating to the specific diseases that are part of vasculitis and some patient stories.