Welcome to the Vasculitis Support New Zealand Website. Started in April 2012.

Our aim is to provide useful information that is easy to follow for patients, family and friends regarding vasculitis and how it is treated within New Zealand.

We would also like to raise awareness of this group of diseases and in doing so create a community of support for all involved.

Sharing our stories and being involved with each other will make our stories more known, our voices heard.

My long term goals in starting this group are to ensure early diagnosis, and to assist with the worldwide research programmes. Also I would like to make politicians and health care services in New Zealand aware of how badly 'invisible illnesses' affect peoples lives. I would like to have some kind of government assistance in place for sufferers or fund raise to assist.

Vasculitis Awareness Month

May is Vasculitis Awareness Month the world over. I would like to use this time to promote awareness of this group of diseases and the affect it has on people's daily lives. Most especially I want other sufferers and their families to know that even though the diseases are rare and our country is small – WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!

We can begin to raise awareness by putting posters in our workplaces. Sending our friends e-mails. Joining the Facebook page and encouraging others to do so. Sharing interesting links about vasculitis.